Monday, June 18, 2012



It's a hard question to answer if you are an addict.  In your mind you love smoking.  It's something you  enjoy, otherwise why would you light your cigarette and inhale smoke into your body.  Each time you  smoke a cigarette you satisfy a crave for nicotine, and this makes you  feel good.  Hence you believe you  enjoy smoking.  Why would you want to quit smoking?

Listen carefully!!!  You do not enjoy smoking!!!!  If you were not addicted to nicotine, you would get no pleasure out of inhaling smoke into your body.  Think about it, what could possibly be pleasurable about inhaling smoke into your mouth, throat and lungs and blowing it out??  It makes sense doesn't it?  There is nothing you like  about smoking other than it relieves a craving you have for a drug you are addicted to.  If you  remove that drug from your  body, you will not enjoy smoking.  In fact you won't even think about smoking.  And you will quit smoking forever!!!

The tricky part is that it takes time to remove the drug from your body and your mind.  In order to truly quit smoking, this is where you have to make a commitment and keep it.  I can guarantee you one thing, once you remove the nicotine from your body and your mind, you will no longer think you need it.  But if you are not committed to quitting smoking, you have a very slim chance of making past the first crave.  See helpful ways to deal with withdrawal from smoking.
quit smoking help with withdrawal

Before you attempt to quit smoking, do the following to insure you will stay on course:

  • Write a list of all reasons you want  to quit smoking. 
  • Print pictures of the effects of smoking on others.  There are thousands of pictures of people with lung cancer, mouth cancer, heart conditions, and many other bad effects of smoking on the Internet.  Keep them close to you.
  • Make an image board - this is a series of pictures of what it means to you to quit smoking and why you are doing it.  My board had pictures of runners, healthy people with clear skin, someone with really white teeth, and pictures of my family.  This is positive imagery that will help you when you need it.
  • Make the commitment that no matter what happens you will not smoke a cigarette. 

Once you firmly make the commitment that you will not smoke again, it really is a much easier to quit smoking forever.

Take the 72 hour quit smoking challenge!!!!
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