Friday, February 3, 2012



In previous discussions  I talked about breaking the physical addiction to smoking.  That is the easy part of quitting.  The more difficult part is breaking the psychological addiction.  This is the hardest part of quitting.
Every smoker has the same psychological addictions when they think they need a cigarette.  Below are some of the traditional times you reach for a cigarette.  The addiction is the same for everyone and the reality is that there is really no bad time for a cigarette when you are an addict.

People smoke when they:

  • Wake up in the morning with their coffee (always was my favorite of the day)
  • Drive a car
  • Have a cocktail
  • After a meal
  • During any stressful situation
  • Are bored
  • Are scared
  • Are tired
  • Celebrate an accomplishment
  • Visit friends
  • Get ready for bedtime

And you thought you were unique.  The addiction affects everyone the same.  That is why most smokers inhale a pack of cigarettes or slightly more each day.  That is how much your body needs to maintain the addiction.  Typically if you observed most smokers you will notice that about every 30 minutes they require a cigarette.  It they are at work and can't smoke they will typically make up for it by smoking multiple cigarettes during a break or lunch.

The challenge when you are quitting is that you associate every activity in your life with smoking.  Get up and have a smoke, get in the car and have a smoke, eat a meal and have a smoke.  Now when you  stop you  need to break the psychological addiction.  Believe me the first time you get in your car after quitting you will instinctively reach for a cigarette.

The good news is it usually only takes one time to complete a task without smoking to conquer the psychological barrier.  So the first time you get in your car without a cigarette you will think about smoking the entire time you are in the car.  The next time you will probably not think about it more than once if at all.

The bottom line is once you quit, you will need to complete every task that you  associated smoking with, but without smoking.  Once you do it, you will no longer have to fight that battle.  Eventually you will complete everything you  ever did as a non smoker and will have broken all  psychological addictions.

Congratulations you are on your way.  One word of caution - you will at some time in the next couple months encounter a situation that you associated smoking with and you will have a massive crave.  For me it was going to Las Vegas where I always smoked and gambled.  I was 7 months into my quit and all I could think about was smoking that entire weekend.  Fortunately I never gave in and today I can go and enjoy Las Vegas and all  it's attractions without that little cigarette.



  1. thanks .i am in the 11th day in NRT today stepping down fr 14mg to 7 mg patch its tough trying to make the first 24hrs then i will adept to the lower strength

  2. Today is my 5th day. i did cold turkey. i chose to motivate myself again by reading these blogs instead of going to 7-11 to grab a pack.

    1. Way to go!!!!! I love to hear comments like this!!! You have made it through the hardest part, congratulations!!!! You now have zero nicotine in your system. The next amazing breakthrough will be around 21 days which is when you will stop thinking about smoking constantly. Then it is smooth sailing to a healthy happy long life!!! Best of luck!!!

    2. its my second day now .. i did a cold turkey also .. im itching .. suffering .. only thinking about it .. so far im still able to continue the journey .. its a weird feeling for someone who has been smoking for 18 years at least 1.5 pack a day .. the decision was weird .. Lol , i ran out of cigs at night and just didnt buy a pack .. in the morning i said i will try .. its my first time .. wish my luck plz :)

    3. I personally don't smoke and never have, but I'm walking with a friend who is quitting and reading your posts has been very inspiring! My father-in-law quit smoking cold turkey after 50 years of smoking and lung cancer. I am so proud of him! I know you all can do it as well! Here's to a new life and a different freedom than you've experienced in a long time! Keep up the excellent work! You're an encouragement to me of determination to improve life no matter what the stage or circumstances. Thank you.

  3. today is my fifth day without smoking, sometimes it gets scary not having a cigarette then I overcome it

  4. Today is my 6th day as a non smoker. My hubbie is on champax but I decided to go cold turkey! its easy at times and its really hard at times.

  5. Congratulations!!!! You are a non smoker now!!! Enjoy your new found health and beauty. In the next couple weeks you will start noticing your teeth whitening, and increased level of energy and a lot more money in your pocket. You will continue to get reminders that you want a cigarette, but remember they will pass quickly and eventually they will stop completely. Unless you have a cigarette - at which time they will go back to every 30 minutes and you will fall back into that awful trap you have just escaped. Good luck!!!!

  6. I have abstained for 84 hours now. I am reading the blog to up the motivation. Thanks for the lovely blog.

  7. There is one psychological barrier for me left. After a hard days work I come and read a lot via internet. I sit in my office and although I have no desire to smoke(i.e. I am disgusted by all of its' crap), so there I feel like a void aroused then cringe to have one. So far I am down to only smoking 1 or 2 cigs a day just before sleep because of that situation. I come from 2 pack a day for many years. I have moved from marlboro lt to carlton now but I just can't get over not understanding the trigger.

  8. Last one before bed wish me luck

  9. Good luck buddy. If you remember all that you have read, and understand what smoking is and why you think you want it, you will be fine. It's amazing how quickly you can forget about smoking. Won't happen tomorrow but believe me, by the weekend you are going to feel great!!!! Keep me posted on your progress.

  10. I started today. I'm determined to break this habit. Ty

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