Monday, February 25, 2013


Every day 5000 people quit smoking.   Do you want to know how they quit?  Then this article is for you.  You may be surprised at how most people quit.

I remember as a smoker I found the thought of quitting so incredibly impossible that I couldn't believe anyone could ever rid themselves of this horrible addiction. 

I wrote this article to show you that yes indeed people actually do quit smoking.  Not just people  who smoke a cigarette here and there, or people who have only smoked for a few years, but people just like you who have smoked for 10, 20, 30 years and more.  People who wake up in the morning and run to their pack of cigarettes as fast as they can,  barely extinguishing one before they light another.  Real people, who really quit smoking, just like you!!!

I decided to complete a market research study.  This study is made up of 100 people who have successfully quit smoking for 1 year or longer. 

The survey group included:
  • 62 men and 38 women
  • Average age when quitting smoking = 40.2 years old
  • Average number of years smoking = 21.4 years
  • Average number of times attempting to quit smoking  = 6.2
  • Average number of cigarettes smoked per day = 18.8
Included in this group were 5 people who were struck down with a smoking related disease which was the great motivating factor for them to quit.  Everyone else had many reasons for quitting smoking, but the # 1 reason for all was to improve their health and live a longer life.

What method was used by these 100 people to quit smoking?

91 quit using the cold turkey method
5 quit using Chantix
4 quit using hypnosis

The study reinforced the fact that cold turkey is the most common method used for those successfully quitting smoking.   91% of the quitters used this method.

The reason cold turkey is so successful is that you experience all the pain early on in the quit, and if you can make it through that period, you are home free.  Other methods such as nicotine replacement just drag on the  pain, albeit in smaller doses, but you never really cure your addiction to nicotine.  Remember, it only takes 72 hours to rid your body of nicotine,  as long as you don't put more nicotine back in your system.

I was intrigued by the 4 people using hypnosis to quit smoking.  All 4 of the people were heavy smokers  who had smoked for more than 15 years.  Having tried hypnosis myself, twice, I couldn't believe that this method could work for anyone.  But all 4 people told me when they left their session they did not have the urge to light up and never felt the urge again.

Chantix was used by 5 of the people surveyed, and I have no doubt that this drug can be a successful aid in quitting.  But it is worth mentioning,  4 of the individuals who quit by using Chantix were all diagnosed with smoking related illnesses, so their motivation to stop smoking was probably pretty high.  In any case, 5% of the people in this survey did quit using this method.

Take note, not one person credited nicotine replacement therapy as a method used to quit smoking.   More than 40% of the people had tried using some form of nicotine replacement therapy during one of their quitting attempts but none were successful quitting long term with this method.   I am a strong opponent of this method and believe that it only inhibits ones ability to quit smoking by placing the drug you are trying to quit back in your body.   This may be one of the greatest scams of the last 20 years.

I just added a Quit Smoking forum so you can talk with others trying to quit smoking. Great place for support or to give some support to new quitters.

If you use the cold turkey method, please read my post on quitting cold turkey

Also please see my posts on dealing with craves both physical and psychological

And once you stop, make sure you never relapse.  See my post on relapse prevention below.

Good luck on your  quit!!!!  I know you will be successful!!!

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    1. I agree. You absolutely need to plan for this. Quitting smoking is hard, but the more you understand how the addition works in the first place, the better off you are. Not everyone can go cold turkey, but there are a lot of different NRT's (Nicotine replacement therapy's) that can help. You just have to keep trying and trying to quit. Good luck to you.

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