Friday, February 3, 2012




Some will  argue that cold turkey is the only way to quit smoking.  It is certainly the most proven method and if  you ask any former smoker how they quit you will find the majority used this technique.  It can be painful but once you get through the first couple days it is the fastest way kick the addiction for good.

The main thing you have to do is commit in your mind that you will not smoke a cigarette.  No matter what happens today you are not going to smoke.  Keep in mind there is a wonderful ending to this story if you can stay focused and keep your guard up - but evil elements will be battling against  you so if you blink your subconscious may trick you into thinking you need a puff.

Before you are ready to do this you have to fully accept that smoking is not something you enjoy but something that you do because you have to - because you are addicted to nicotine.  Get it out of your mind that you enjoy smoking - you don't, nobody does.  You smoke because you need nicotine to feed those receptors in your brain that are screaming for it.

Keep the following in mind as you start your quit

  1. Your quitting for a reason - write it down and keep it in front of youTOP 10 REASONS TO QUIT SMOKING
  2. List all the reasons you don't want to smoke and then list the reason you want to smoke.  I assure you the list of reasons not to smoke will be 100 times longer than the list of reasons to smoke
  3. You can't have 1 cigarette - if you don't believe me try it.  One leads to 2 leads to 20.  Nobody can smoke just one.
  4. If you commit to not smoking again you will not have to fight the inner battle.  You may get a crave but it will likely only last seconds to a few minutes at most.  Let the crave pass and move on.  A committed quitter never doubts their decision and neither should you.
  5. Try to quit for today, don't worry about tomorrow.  We'll cross that bridge tomorrow.  At the end of the day congratulate yourself and recognize the benefits you are  already noticing.  You can smell better, taste things better, don't have to hack up phlegm, and you smell a lot better.  That's just after one day.  Believe me it only gets better.
  6. Make sure all your cigarettes and lighters are tossed in a trash receptacle you can not reach.  I have seen people toss a pack in a trash can and hours later dig through piles of rubbish to find them.
  7. Don't be afraid.  Fear is the biggest reason people fail.  They are afraid of the unknown.  The unknown is good.  See what happens if you don't smoke. 

Cold turkey will have the most pain on the front end but will break you through faster than any other method. Within days you will start to not think about smoking.  Within a month to 2 months you will not even think about smoking except the occasional crave.  Good luck!!!


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