Wednesday, March 13, 2013


When you quit smoking, you have to have strong convictions about why you want to stop smoking.  Otherwise it is far too easy to give into the urges that will follow, especially in the first couple days.  Many people attempt to quit smoking and make it less than 2 hours because they forget why they wanted to quit smoking in the first place.  The voice inside their head tells them they want a cigarette and they listen.

There are so many reasons why you want to quit smoking.  Those reasons are powerful and they are real.  There is not one good reason to continue smoking.    It does not cure boredom rather it creates it.  It does not relieve stress, rather it creates it.  It does not relax you, rather it inhibits relaxation.  The only thing a cigarette does is make you want another cigarette, in about 30 minutes.

Below are 100 good reasons to quit smoking.  There are literally thousands of reasons to stop, these are only a few.  Try to write your own list and see how long you can make it.


  1. Your breath will smell better
  2. You will breathe easier
  3. Your teeth will be whiter
  4. You will have less wrinkles
  5. You will be free from addiction to nicotine
  6. You will never experience nicotine withdrawal again
  7. Your risk of dying from smoking will decrease immediately
  8. You will save a ton of money - about $3000/year for a pack a day smoker
  9. You won't have to go outside in places that smoking isn't allowed any longer - which is everywhere
  10. You will see your children grow old
  11. You will see your Grandchildren grow old
  12. You will sleep better
  13. You will have more energy
  14. You will be more calm and relaxed
  15. You will be able to run a marathon (if you wish)
  16. You will significantly lower your risk of lung cancer
  17. Your food will taste so much better
  18. Your coffee will taste better
  19. You will stop snoring
  20. You will have an extra 3 hours a day that you currently waste smoking
  21. You will be a good role model for kids
  22. You won't have cigarette burns in your car or on your clothes
  23. Your health insurance premiums will go down
  24. Your life insurance premiums will go down
  25. Your cholesterol level will improve
  26. Your blood pressure will improve
  27. Your clothes will smell better
  28. You won't have those yellow stains on your fingers any longer
  29. You won't have to run out in the middle of the night to buy a pack of cigarettes
  30. Your chance of erectile dysfunction is much less or may go away completely when you  stop
  31. Your risk of  macular degeneration is  much lower
  32. You will be the envy of all your old smoking friends
  33. Your triglycerides will  go down
  34. Your chance of  dying in a fire is much lower
  35. Your chance of going bald will be lower
  36. Your skin will become moist instead of dry and wrinkled
  37. You won't have to stuff those cigarettes in your pocket when you go out
  38. You won't have to rush up after a meal and miss out on the dinner conversation
  39. You will think more clearly and your concentration will improve
  40. You will have an extra $100,000 if you don't smoke for the next 20 years and invest that money
  41. You will not help the evil tobacco companies make money
  42. You will no longer have to sit up at night worrying about whether you have contracted a deadly smoking related disease
  43. If you are a closet smoker, you will not have to live a lie any longer
  44. You will be far more productive at work without having to take a smoke break every hour
  45. Your car insurance will decrease
  46. You will have zero chance of contracting brueggers disease (a circulatory disease that only affects smokers)
  47. Your bones will be stronger and you will lessen your chance of getting osteoporosis
  48. You will have far less phlegm in your throat and in your head
  49. Your fitness level will improve and your  body will start to transform
  50. You will become much more
  51. You will no longer litter the earth with cigarette butts
  52. You will no longer subject innocent non smokers to hazardous chemicals from your cigarettes
  53.  You will no longer pollute the air on this earth
  54. You will feel more confident about yourself
  55. You won't lose your teeth (smokers have a much higher risk of tooth decay and loss)
  56. Your house won't smell like a stale ashtray any longer
  57. Your car won't smell like a stale ashtray any longer
  58. Your trade in value of your car will increase
  59. You could afford a nice car with the money you will save on cigarettes
  60. You can go to a baseball game and watch the whole game without getting up to smoke a cigarette
  61. You can travel without the fear of not smoking for hours at a time
  62. You can help others quit smoking once you quit
  63. You will not get COPD or Emphysema - a fate worse than death
  64. Your circulation will greatly improve - almost immediately
  65. You will no longer be a drug addict
  66. You will be far less anxious than when you smoked
  67. You will live an average of 15 years longer than a smoker
  68. Your risk of  oral cancer will be much lower
  69. Your risk of throat cancer will be much lower
  70. Your risk of getting a heart attack will be reduced immediately
  71. You will no longer be a regular at the local convenience store
  72. You will not get sick as often
  73. The dopamine levels in your brain will return to normal
  74. Smoking increases your chances of getting diabetes (cigarettes contain large amounts of sugar)
  75. Smoking increases your chances of getting Alzheimer's
  76. Your baby will be born healthier
  77. Smoking increases your risk of acid reflux disease
  78. Smoking increases your chances of getting pancreatic cancer
  79. Your chance of getting arthritis increases when you smoke
  80. Attention women - your chance of breast cancer increases when you  smoke
  81. You will increase your chances of getting pregnant if you quit smoking
  82. Cigarettes contain 4000 hazardous chemicals, 30 of which are known to cause cancer
  83. 500,000 people  in the United States die each year from smoking
  84. 50,000 people die each year from 2nd hand smoke
  85. The walls in your home will no longer be yellow - once you quit smoking and paint
  86. You won't get that raspy smokers voice
  87. You won't need that oxygen tank in a few years
  88. Your sex drive will improve
  89. Your immune system will improve
  90. Your hair will have more moisture
  91. You won't have to freeze in the snow or rain to smoke a cigarette
  92. You  can keep the windows up in your car
  93. Your energy levels will greatly improve
  94. Smoking makes you look older than you are
  95. You will get rid of that hacking cough
  96. Smoking around children can increase their risk of getting asthma
  97. Smokers use more sick days at work
  98. You can climb a flight of stairs without getting winded
  99. Everyone who loves you wants you to quit smoking
  100. Smoking  is no longer cool - in fact it is anything but cool

The next time you have an urge to smoke, read this list.   By the time you get to the bottom you will have forgotten about that cigarette altogether.  Good luck quitting smoking!!!!

Check out our new Quit Smoking forum!!! You can talk with others trying to quit smoking. Great place for support or to give some support to new quitters.



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