Tuesday, March 13, 2012



There is a little known secret to those wanting to quit smoking.  If only someone would have shared this with me 20 years ago I wouldn't have wasted all that time and money smoking cigarettes.  The fact is that nicotine leaves your body very rapidly as long as you don't put more nicotine in.  In fact if you stop smoking or taking any kind of nicotine for 72 hours, your body will be nicotine free.  In the most simple terms, that means that you will have removed the chemical that you have been addicted to for 10, 20, 30 years.

Here is my challenge to you.  To all of those people who are considering quitting smoking but do not know where or how to start.  Start tomorrow, and don't smoke a cigarette, chew tobacco, use a patch or any other nicotine replacement therapy for 72 hours. 

Once you make it 72 hours without a cigarette you will be able to make a conscious decision about whether or not you want to place that poison in your body any longer.  You will be thinking for yourself, as a non addict, for the first time in a very long time.  Up to now you  have not been able to think freely because nicotine has controlled your life.

Right now many of you believe that you enjoy smoking, that you gain something from lighting up a cigarette.  The reality is you gain nothing, you don't enjoy it, and if your mind wasn't clouded with chemicals you would realize it yourself.

Here's what I want you to do.  Decide when you are going to start the 72 hour challenge.  Once you start no matter what happens do not light a cigarette, take a chew of tobacco or use nicotine in any way.  You can accelerate the process of ridding your body of nicotine by drinking cranberry juice which will actually flush your system ever faster.   Try and find a natural cranberry juice that is not loaded with sugar or sugar substitutes.  Read the truth about smoking and why you should quit smoking today.  QUIT SMOKING THE TRUTH ABOUT SMOKING

Plan your next 72 hours down to the minute.  Make sure you have something to do all day and night.  You may find it difficult to sleep as your body heals but when you cross the finish line you will no longer be addicted physically to this nasty drug.   You will in fact have quit smoking!!!!

There are so many reasons to quit smoking, but really no good reasons to continue.  Write your quit reasons down on a sheet of paper and read them at least once an hour during your waking hours.  Continually remind yourself why you are doing this.

At the end of 72 hours have an honest discussion with yourself.  Chances are you will find out the following.

  1. There really is no physical pain in quitting smoking.
  2. When you don't smoke a cigarette you really won't crave the next cigarette
  3. Quitting smoking is easy - and it only gets easier with every day you abstain.
  4. If you can stop smoking for 72 hours, imagine what you can accomplish in the other parts of your  life!!!!

It's so great to see that you have made a decision to stop putting this filthy drug in your body.  Good luck on the challenge and let me know the results!!!!