Wednesday, February 8, 2012



There are a lot of reasons to quit smoking, each of us has our unique reason but if you poll 100 smokers, 99 of them will tell you they want to quit because of health reasons.  Living longer and not dying a painful death is certainly a motivator to quit, but there are many more reasons why you should stop smoking. 

Before you quit, write down at least 10 reasons that you want to quit smoking.  Dig deep and really come up with the reason you made this decision.  This list will be critical as you progress through your quit.  In the early stages of quitting your mind will try to trick you into smoking a cigarette.   Use this list to remind yourself all of the reasons you  are not going to have that cigarette.

On the first day of your quit you may as well just tape this list to your forehead.  Your mind will constantly remind you that it needs nicotine.  As you progress through your quit, your craves will become fewer and they will be separated by more time.  Until one day you don't even think about smoking.  You will experience this day but you won't even know it. 

Below are some of the most popular reasons to quit smoking.  Create your own list but feel free to incorporate some of these  items in your own.


  1. Lung cancer, throat cancer, pancreatic cancer or any of the number of cancers associated with cigarette smoking.
  2. Withdrawal - as a non smoker will no longer live in a constant state of withdrawal. You can go to the movies, spend time with your children, travel on an airplane and spend time in so many non smoking places without having to worry about sneaking out to have a cigarette.
  3. Sex - In men erectile dysfunction is very common due to the clogging of the arteries and lack of circulation.  Quitting smoking will greatly enhance your ability to perform.
  4. Smell - the world is full of wonderful smells but you can't experience them as a smoker.  Your sense of smell will be one of the first rewards you will experience as a non smoker.
  5. Food - it tastes so great but you have lost most of your sense for it as a smoker.   It's amazing how enjoyable a meal can be when you don't have to race through it so you can have a smoke.
  6. Yellow teeth - the longer you smoke the more yellow they appear.  The good news is even the dingiest of teeth start to whiten within a few weeks of quitting.
  7. Bad breath - If you could only smell  what others do - yuck!!
  8. Family - Look at your children, parents, siblings, and grandchildren.  Think how much you would be missed and the pain they would endure if  you succumbed to a smoking related illness or death.  Keep a picture of them with you to remind you of why you are quitting.
  9. Money - You will have so much more.  The average pack a day smoker spends nearly $3000/year on cigarettes.  What would you do with an extra $3000?
  10. Peace of mind - you no longer have to worry about deadly diseases from smoking cigarettes.  Once you  quit your chances of getting many smoking related illnesses greatly decreases.

Congratulations on your decision to quit.  Remind yourself every day why you are quitting.  Best of luck on your journey!!!


  1. These are all top reasons for breaking the ball and chain of cigarettes. I can not add any better reasons. Truly, the time you spend smoking can be spent making good memories instead of your loved ones remember seeing you sitting out back puffing away your life.

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  2. Today is day one and it has been a bit tough but im alright and i am confident that i will never smoke another cigarette.

  3. I am 68 hours without nicotine. This is my 3rd attempt to quit. I have my mind where it needs to be this time and feel like I will succeed. It has not been easy, but I find if I keep distracting myself from the nagging desire to light up, time keeps passing and I keep getting closer to my goal of 2 weeks. (last time I only made it 8 full days) I figure if I keep setting small goals, before I know it, I'll be further than I ever thought possible and free from the death and humiliation smoking causes.

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