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Congratulations on your decision to quit smoking.  Day 1 of quitting smoking can be the greatest day of your life, or it can be your worst nightmare.  It is entirely up to you.  One thing is for sure, you will have nearly a constant craving for a cigarette - don't worry in time the cravings get further and further apart until they eventually disappear.

Remember, physical withdrawal is almost non existent.  The most severe physical feeling you  will have is some edginess but most likely you will just have a feeling of loss, like something is missing in your life.  By the way, something is missing, and it's great to be rid of  it.  Remind yourself all of those reasons why you quit.  TOP TEN REASONS TO QUIT SMOKING

The most difficult challenge on day 1 is your brain.  You will have the following conversation with your brain at least 100 times on day 1:

Brain - I want a cigarette
You - you can't have one we quit smoking today
Brain - Remember that cigarette we had on top of the hill at sunset last spring?  (the brain will always try to conjure up that single  most amazing cigarette image)
You - yes, but the only reason it was so great was because we were addicted to nicotine.  Once we stop smoking for a few days we won't enjoy smoking any longer because we won't be addicted.
Brain - How about we drive down to the convenience store and just have one cigarette?  We can grab a cup of coffee too.  We'll just have one and then throw away the pack.
You - No, No, No, No, No, No, No..........................................................

See how to deal with physical and psychological cravings

You must stay alert in the early days of your quit.  That monster inside of you who is craving nicotine will not stop until you give in or he dies from lack of nicotine.  It only takes 72 hours to remove the nicotine from your body.   As long as you stay committed and keep saying no, you will soon reach a day where the nicotine monster is dead and you don't even think about smoking.

On day 1 of quitting smoking remember to do the following things to make things easier

1- Drink a lot of juices, preferably cranberry juice.  This helps flush the nicotine out of your system faster.
2- Have a schedule for every minute of day 1 through 3.  Do not allow yourself to be sitting in place and give your mind the opportunity to wander and start fantasizing about smoking.
3- Have your list of reasons you are quitting with you and read it at least once every hour.
4- Don't skip meals, in fact try to eat 5 smaller meals with plenty of snacks.  Don't allow your mouth to get that dry taste that reminds you of smoking.
5- You may have trouble sleeping, your body is going through some major changes.  It  will take time to adjust.  You may find you need far less sleep once you beat your addiction.
6- Your going to start experiencing the beginning of the healing process.  You may cough up some gunk, you will likely start to be able to smell better, and you will definitely smell better to others.

Stay mentally tough on day 1.  This is the hardest day but if you can make it through, day 2 will be much easier.  Spend some time reading all my posts on the first few days.  Take a couple  hours each day surfing the web for more information on why you have made such a great decision to quit smoking.

Good luck!!!  I know you are going to quit smoking today!!!!

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