Sunday, December 16, 2012


Nicotine in it's natural form is a chemical that attaches to tobacco plants to protect it from insects.  It is a deadly chemical that if taken in strong enough doses will kill a human.  Amazingly, tobacco has just enough nicotine to make you addicted but not kill you.   What a great addiction!!!


Nicotine creates pathways in your brain and receptors that have one function, to ask for more nicotine.  Once these pathways are created they will immediately tell you that you need more nicotine.  About every 30 minutes the nicotine depletes and you will find yourself needing another dose.  Pay attention to smokers, you will notice that if given the opportunity they will smoke a cigarette about every 30 minutes.

The only way to stop this cycle is to remove the nicotine from your body and eventually all of these pathways you created will close and your brain and body will no longer ask for nicotine.  The problem is the process is not immediate so you have to have faith - the cravings will stop!!!!


There is a lot of misinformation out there making it difficult for smokers to understand the addiction they are up against.  Nicotine withdrawal has a very limited physical withdrawal.  Think about it, you can sleep for 8 hours without being awaken by nicotine addiction.  There really isn't any strong physical withdrawal to the drug, it is primarily mental.  You will not have shakes, vomit, or experience fever or sweats like a heroin addict would when they quit.  You will have some mild uncomfortable feelings but really nothing serious.


Stopping nicotine is just a matter of you realizing the pattern that you are trapped in.  If you stop the nicotine the withdrawal (psychological) will eventually stop.  It varies by person but within a few weeks you really won't even think about smoking.

I'll use an analogy to make you realize how nicotine works.  If you had a headache you would look for an aspirin or some type of pain relief to eliminate the headache.  You find a miracle pill that eliminates your headache but then it comes back in 30 minutes.  So you take another magic pill and your headache goes away.  Eventually you realize that every 30 minutes you are getting these headaches but luckily you have these magic pills that make it go away and relieve the pain.  Then one morning you are watching the news and you see that this pill you have been taking actually causes headaches.  If you stop taking it the headaches will eventually disappear on their own.  You get your next headache in 30 minutes, but this time you don't take the pill.  The headache drags on for several days but after 3 days you wake up and realize your headache is gone.  Without taking any pills!!!!

This is the same process that will happen if your remove nicotine from your system.  The pill is the cigarette, and if you stop taking them you will eliminate the cravings (headache).


The time to eliminate nicotine from your body is today.   By tomorrow you will be 33% of the way home.  It takes 72 hours to eliminate the nicotine from  your body.  Drink fruit juices like cranberry juice to help speed the process.  Try and get natural that doesn't have too much sugar in it.

Congratulations on your decision to quit smoking.  And enjoy your new nicotine free lifestyle that comes complete with a calm peaceful demeanor, more money, better concentration (eventually), better smell, better breath, and a new improves zest for life.


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