Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I'll bet you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day.  Maybe a few more or less.  It's easy to predicate since nicotine affects everyone in the same way.  Nicotine has about a 30 minute half life, which means that after you have a cigarette, within 30  minutes your body and brain will tell you that it needs another.

Depending on occupation, lifestyle, etc.  you may find yourself smoking a few more or a few less, but given the opportunity you would smoke a cigarette about every 30 minutes.   Those who have jobs that don't allow them to smoke for much of the day end up choking down 2 at a break or lunch, but one way or another everyone finds a way to smoke about a pack a day.

That is not a mystery, it is by design.  Understand that is how the drug nicotine reacts in your body.  Right now Tobacco companies are coming up with new and creative ways to increase the amount of nicotine absorbed by your body so that your addiction will grow stronger.

Realize that you are no different than anyone else who has tried to give up this evil drug.  We all smoked a pack a day, we all enjoyed the first cigarette of the day the most, and we all felt beaten down by cigarettes.

I want you to know that you are no different from any other smoker who has quit, you do not possess some evil inner demon that nobody else does.  You smoke for the same reasons that I did and you can quit just like i did and millions of others did as well.

Read the materials on my blog, dig into why you started and why you smoke now and realize that all you have to do is commit to quitting smoking and 95% of the battle is already won.

Good luck on your journey.  I'm rooting for you!!

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