Wednesday, December 12, 2012


When you quit smoking, the first 72 hours are the most difficult part.  The reason is that your body is rapidly depleting and eventually completely removing all nicotine from your body.  The beautiful thing about quitting smoking is that it really doesn't take that long to rid your self of the drug you are addicted to. 

A little trick I found during the early days was to gather a baggie filled with pennies, 72 pennies to be exact.  Each penny represents an hour.   When you start your quit you want to have 2 baggies, one with 72 pennies in it and the other completely empty.  As you begin your journey to a healthy and happier you, use the pennies to show your progress.

Each hour that passes you will take a penny from the bag filled with 72 and place it in the empty bag.  In 72 hours you will have emptied the bag of 72 pennies into the other bag.  The great thing about this exercise is you can see the progress, very slow at the beginning but eventually the bag that started out as empty will have more pennies that the bag that started with 72.

As each penny is transferred think about that representing nicotine leaving your body.  Think about you excreting the drug and taking in oxygen.  Think about your body healing and all the good that you will now be able to do - now that you are no longer a drug addict.  Celebrate every penny transferred, because it is a major accomplishment.  And as you are transferring the pennies, think about how awful it would be to have to start all over again.

After you empty your bag completely, enjoy your new nicotine free body.  And don't ever forget how hard it was.  You never want to do that exercise again.

Congrats!!!  And good luck on your journey!!!!

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