Saturday, February 4, 2012



OK, I know quitting smoking gradually  seems like a great idea, especially if you are addicted to nicotine.  The premise behind this method of quitting is that you will start with your normal tobacco consumption and gradually reduce your intake over time. 

I actually had a doctor recommend this method to me at one time.  He said to cut down my cigarette intake by one cigarette each day, start with 20 if you smoke a pack and then on day 2 go down to 19, day 3 18, etc.

The problem is that you are still pumping nicotine into your body each day.  The first few days won't seem too difficult but by the time you get down to 5,4,3,2 cigarettes a day you are torturing yourself.  And those one or two cigarettes will seem like the greatest cigarettes you have ever tasted.

This method doesn't work and it should not be attempted.  We are all looking for an easy way to quit but the fact is if you continue to place nicotine in your system you will continue to crave nicotine.  There is no way around it.

Think about the best cigarette of the day.  For me it was always the first one of the morning.  I would wake up grab a cup of coffee and within 2 minutes be out on the porch smoking.  For me this was the holy grail of cigarettes and the most difficult I found to give up.  Everyone has a vision of great pleasure they experienced while smoking a cigarette.  Think about the other 20-25 cigarettes you smoke each day.  Do any of the others stand out as something exceptional?

The reality is that the first cigarette of the day generally tastes the best because you have gone the longest without nicotine.  Your body is in full withdrawal and so it makes sense that you think of that as a special cigarette.

Get that out of your mind.  There is no special cigarette.  If you were not an addict you would not feel the way you do when you smoke that first cigarette of the day.   The way you feel smoking that first cigarette of the day is how non smokers feel every minute of every day.

Quit the addiction and you too will feel like that first cigarette of the day all day every day.


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