Monday, February 6, 2012



There is never a good time to quit your addiction to nicotine.  Think about, you can come up with a reason every day why you should put it off another day.  The problem is you can continue to put it off until you either die an early death or succumb to one of the many diseases brought on by smoking.

You need to be certain that you agree with the statements below.  If not reread the materials until you understand how the addiction to nicotine actually works.

  • Smoking does not relieve stress or boredom but rather it causes it.  You will be much more at ease once you eliminate nicotine from your bloodstream.
  • When you smoke a cigarette  you feel like a non smoker feels all the time.  Once you extinguish the cigarette you go into a state of withdrawal until you light the next one.  Eliminate the nicotine and you will no longer face withdrawal.   Won't that be great!!!!
  • Smoking is like hitting your finger with a hammer just so you can feel the relief as your finger heals.  Stop hitting your finger with a hammer and you will feel great all the time.

While there is no good time to quit, you should try to schedule the first few days when you don't have much going on.  Weekends are a great time since often work can become stressful and make you think you need a cigarette.  When I quit I took a week off of work and did nothing but read information like this on the Internet to reinforce my decision.

Don't put off til tomorrow what you can do today.  Just  think if you would have started your quit 3 days ago you would already have purged the nicotine out your system.

Good luck!!!!  Keep me posted on your results!!!!


  1. I took the 72 hour challenge..i am through almost 45 hours...i used to smoke about 30 a day until day before dar so 30 hours are critical......god be with me...

  2. way to go!!!! you are almost nicotine free!!! congratulations. remember how hard that first day was and that you never want to have to do that again. Remind yourself any time you think about smoking again. Every day gets easier now!!!

  3. Its been 30 hours since my last cig.
    I am feeling a lot heavy headche....just headche ..and urge for smoke.....okay i want kill this headche....what should i do??....i hv smoking for 3 much time it will take to bring me back to normal!!!

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