Friday, February 3, 2012



Wouldn't it be great if there was a product on the market that gave you the same satisfaction as smoking but without the health hazards?  The fact is the only way that this product could exist is if it could deliver nicotine to your body in a safe manner.  The problem is, continuing to supply nicotine keeps you addicted to the drug and you never break free from the addiction.

In recent years a few products have come out that claim to help you break the habit of smoking.  Again, smoking is not a habit, it is an addiction.  We're not talking about a hobby.

Let's examine some of the products that are on the market today

    • This is the nicotine patch, nicotine gum and nicotine lozenges.   While these aids may briefly keep you from putting a cigarette in your mouth, they will not cure your addiction to nicotine - they only continue to feed your body and brain nicotine.  I have tried every one of these methods and can tell you they do not work.  They simply keep the addiction alive
    • This is the latest and greatest invention that people are using as an alternative to smoking.  While the FDA will not allow the manufacturers to market the product as a quit smoking aid, that is what many users hope they will achieve.    By supplying nicotine and water vapor you get the sensation of smoking, along with the nicotine boost without all the carcinogens that are offered in traditional cigarettes.  The only way I would recommend using this product is to use it with the non nicotine filters which will allow you  to have the sensation of smoking without the nicotine.  This  will help with the psychological addiction to smoking while breaking the addiction to nicotine.
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    • This is a revolutionary new drug and the method is much more sound than that of nicotine replacement therapy.  With Chantix you continue to smoke but it inhibits your  nicotine receptors in your brain from getting the nicotine and eventually shuts them down.  The same process would occur if you stopped smoking but this gives you an opportunity to continue to smoke while the receptors shut down.  Once the receptors stop asking for nicotine your body won't crave the drug any longer.   I have tried Chantix during one of my quits and can tell you it worked for me but it does have many intense side effects that should be considered before attempting to use it.  You'll need a prescription from your doctor to try Chantix.

The bottom line is that you need to rid your body of nicotine and once you do you  will no longer have physical cravings.  But you will still have psychological cravings which are the hardest to overcome.  First things first, we need to remove the physical addiction and then we can work on the psycological addiction.  It takes just 72 hours to remove all nicotine from your body.  Think about it, in a couple days you  would be rid of the physical addiction of smoking.


  1. I have used an E cigarette before. It helped me quit. I recommend anyone looking for a solution to quitting then try an E cigarette.

  2. Smoking alternatives are the best way to be safe and healthy that makes you have the smoking pleasures with full safety.

  3. Quiting is a tough job but can be done with right choice of device that will make you away from smoking but not from its pleasure. Use herbal vaporizer safe and healhty alternative device.

  4. I'm on chantix for the 2nd works but then when you stop taking it..the cravings come back

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